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Tower of Castel Marino: a coastal tower in Maremma

Located along the coast of the Maremma Natural Park, the Tower of Castel Marino is 102 meters high on the top of a hill from which there is a wide view towards the sea and the mouth of the Ombrone. Until the eighteenth century the sea must have lapped the base of the hill where the tower is located, while ...

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Maremma Natural Park: the Tuscan coast

The Maremma Natural Park is located in the province of Grosseto, along 25 km of the Tyrrhenian coast between the mouth of the Ombrone and Talamone rivers, in the territories of the municipalities of Grosseto, Magliano in Toscana and Orbetello. Maremma Park can be reached from the north along the SS 1 Aurelia, exit about 7 km south of Grosseto ...

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The Diaccia Botrona: a vast marshy environment

Diaccia Botrona, Castiglione della Pescaia. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

Diaccia Botrona can be reached from Castiglione della Pescaia. Here, coming from Marina di Grosseto, just before the Giorgini bridge, turn right following the signs for Casa Ximenes or Casa Rossa. Another entrance to the area is from the Castiglionese provincial road, in the direction of Grosseto, up to the Ponti di Badia, where you turn right for the Clodia ...

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The Chianti Sculpture Park: art and nature meet

The Chianti Sculpture Park is located in Pievasciata ca. 10 kilometres north of Siena and it is a permanent exhibition of contemporary installations and sculptures. It is a private initiative of Piero and Rosalba Giadrossi, both lovers of modern art. About 15 years ago they had the idea of an approximately 7-hectare virgin and already fenced wooded area, which was home ...

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Capraia Island: a paradise for nature lovers

The island of Capraia is located about 64 km from Livorno, 42 km from the island of Elba, 37 km from the island of Gorgona and 31 km from Corsica. The island has 355 inhabitants (2007) and an area of 19.30 km ² its coastline is an extension of 27 km. Capraia is an island of volcanic origin and is ...

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Gorgona Island: an island in the Tuscan archipelago

Gorgona island is the northernmost of the islands of the Tuscany archipelago (43°25’37” lat. North) and also the smallest (2,25 km²), it rises 255 metres above the sea and is mostly mountainous and, for a large area, covered in Mediterranean maquis vegetation, it’s still place for a penal colony. Gorgona it’s about 37 km from Livorno, 39 km from Capraia ...

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Apuan Alps: the Marble Mountains

The Apuan Alps are probably the most beautiful mountains of Tuscany, located near the sea between Garfagnana and Lunigiana are universally famous for the marble that is extracted from its quarries since antiquity. MARBLE MOUNTAINS The mountains are rugged and inaccessible and recall, for their rugged form, the Dolomites. Apuan Alps are now a Regional Natural Park (Parco naturale regionale ...

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Islands of the Tuscan Archipelago

Tuscan Archipelago is a group of islands located between the Tuscan coast and Corsica, it consists of seven main islands and several smaller islets with a total area of 300 sq. km. The largest island of the archipelago is the island of Elba (225 sq km, 31.000 inhabitants), which alone accounts for more than two thirds of the total area ...

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