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The bell tower of the Cathedral, Siena. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

The climate of Siena: when to go to Siena

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The city of Siena is situated in a hilly area in the center of the Tuscany region. Siena is located approximately 350 meters above sea level and enjoys a type of Mediterranean climate, characterized by hot and relatively dry summers and relatively cold and wet winters. Rainy season for Siena is however autumn during which fall 227 mm of rain, follow winter with 200 mm, spring with 183 mm and finally summer with 140 mm. The month with the most rainfall is October, followed by November and December. The driest month is July. In a year fall on average 750 mm of rain distributed on 87 days of rain.

Because of the hilly portion of the city summers are hot but not too hot, with average summer maximum temperatures below 28 ° C. July and August are the hottest months. Even during the summer, the hilltop location of Siena makes the visit of the town pleasant, much of the nearby Florence, which generally has summer temperatures a few degrees higher. In summer in Siena the average minimum temperatures vary between 14 ° C in June and September and more than 16 ° C in July and August.

Winter is cold with average minimum temperatures in January and February at around 2 ° C. The temperature can drop below freezing, but the snow in Siena is a rare occurrence, on average snow can fall 1 or 2 times a year. The winter maximum average temperatures reach the lowest values in January with 8 ° C.


In general, any time of year is perfect to visit the city of Siena and its beautiful surroundings. The climate is great during the spring months of April, May and June. Even the month of September is great for visiting Siena. The summer months are good for sightseeing although sometimes it can be quite hot, but the hilly height of the city is able to mitigate in part the heat. Winter is cold and rainy at times, but if you have the good fortune to stumble upon on a sunny day, that in winter are not uncommon, you will have the opportunity to visit the city with few tourists and in its most authentic look.


SIENA – UNIVERSITY (348 metres)
Month Average high (°C) Average low (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days
January 2,0 8,0 66 8,0
February 2,3 9,1 64 11,0
March 4,2 11,9 61 8,0
April 7,3 16,0 67 10,0
May 10,5 20,4 55 6,0
June 14,1 24,6 58 7,0
July 16,6 27,9 31 4,0
August 16,6 27,4 51 4,0
September 14,1 23,4 56 5,0
October 10,0 18,0 93 8,0
November 6,6 12,5 78 8,0
December 3,5 9,0 71 8,0
YEAR 9,0 17,4 750 87,0


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