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Saturnia: a spa with archaeological remains

Saturnia is a small town located on a high travertine rock at 294 meters high in the municipality of Manciano. The town is an important spa thanks to the presence of sulphurous water (37.5 ° C) which attracts people every year for sweat cures, muds etc. There are historical documents dating back to the XII century that already speak of ...

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Radicondoli: a medieval village in the upper Val d’Elsa

Radicondoli is a small medieval village which has about 1,000 inhabitants, the village is located on a hill 509 meters above sea level in the metalliferous hills (Colline Metallifere)  in the province of Siena, in the westernmost part of the province. Radicondoli was an ancient castle of Aldobrandeschi of which we have historical evidence since the twelfth century. The castle became later a ...

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Bagni San Filippo: spas in the Val d’Orcia

Bagni San Filippo is a small spa village situated on the slopes of Mount Amiata 524 meters asl, in the municipality of Castiglione d’Orcia, in the province of Siena. The place name recalls the presence of San Filippo Benizi, prior of the Florentine religious order of the Servants of Mary, who in the twelfth century, according to tradition, took refuge in ...

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Bagno Vignoni: a village with a particular square

Bagno Vignoni is a small village of medieval appearance, characterized by a group of houses and the enormous pool of water occupying the main square. The small cluster of houses was originally a castle of the family of Amerighi, already known in the eleventh century, today the remains of the castle (Vignoni Alto) dominate the high ground above the spa ...

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The Spas of Tuscany: the region richest in spas

Tuscany, among the Italian regions, is without doubt the most rich in spas, just to mention some popular locations in the world as Montecatini Terme, Chianciano Terme, Saturnia. This region is in fact rich in deposits of thermal water that make it together with Emilia Romagna and Veneto, the most important Italian region for spas. Tuscany is a region that ...

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