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Castles, towers and fortresses

The Medici Fortress of Siena: the symbol of Florentine conquest of Siena

The Medici fortress was built in 1560 by order of the future Grand Duke Cosimo I de’ Medici. The Medici Fortress is located in the heart of Siena, it was built where stood the old Spanish fortress destroyed by the Sienese in 1552. The fort was designed by Baldassarre Lanci and its construction was completed in 1563 and took the ...

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Castle of Montecchio Vesponi

Montecchio Vesponi is located approximately 4 km south of Castiglion Fiorentino on the road (No. 71) that goes to Cortona. The castle – very beautiful and evocative – is situated on a hill, at an altitude of 364 meters above sea level, overlooking the plains below. Montecchio was called – in the eleventh century – Castrum Montis Guisponi (named after the family Guasconi of Arezzo). ...

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Poppi: an impressive castle and a beautiful medieval village

From a distance the structure that characterizes the village of Poppi is undoubtedly the Castle of the Counts Guidi (or Praetorian Palace), which, with its massive structure dominates the town on the hilltop, but the town is very beautiful even for its porches. Poppi’s history dates back to the twelfth century when it became the main residence of the Counts ...

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Monteriggioni: a medieval village surrounded by circular walls

Monteriggioni is a picturesque medieval village completely encircled from circular walls with 14 towers, situated on a low hill, approximately 10 km from Siena. Until 11th century, Monteriggioni was a station of exchange along the via Francigena. Siena transformed Monteriggioni in an imposing fortress in order protect its northern border during the wars against Florence. Its position allowed the control of ...

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