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Piazza del Campo: the square of the Palio of Siena

It is said Siena and you immediately think of the Palio. It’s almost impossible, in fact, speaking of this charming Tuscan town and not remember this competition on horseback of medieval origins, unique in the world for participation, passion and intensity with which it is lived by all Sienese. So engaging is the climate that you breathe, to call each year, ...

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Piazza Grande: the most beautiful square in Arezzo

Piazza Grande, the most beautiful public square in Arezzo, is opened in the heart of the medieval city, the square is a mix of buildings of several ages that gives an evocative and scenographic aspect. It has a characteristic trapezial shape, with a strongly tilted surface, the square was the ancient Platea Communis, risen around 13th century and then modified ...

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Piazza della Signoria: the center of political power in the city of Florence

Piazza della Signoria is an open-air museum that, at every step, gives glimpses and views of particular beauty, evidence of a thriving past and architectural treasures of enormous value. What, then, we found on the whole Florence, famous worldwide since ancient times, and probably the most important cultural center of Italy, the cradle of art and Italian language, chest of ...

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Piazzale Michelangelo: the most famous viewpoint of Florence

Piazzale Michelangelo, along with the Forte Belvedere, the Basilica of San Miniato al Monte and the hill of Fiesole, is a privileged vantage point in Florence. The Piazzale designed in 1860 by architect Giuseppe Poggi, is located on a hill south of the Arno and the historic center of Florence. The square was built in 1865, at a time when Florence ...

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