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Florentine belt

Malmantile: a fortified village to defend Florence

The walled village of Malmantile is located on a hill southwest of Lastra a Signa about 20 km from Florence. This is an interesting excursion from Lastra a Signa, the village was in the Middle Ages, together with the walled villages of Lastra a Signa and Signa, one of the three defensive bastions of the city of Florence against Pisa. ...

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Lastra a Signa: a village with intact medieval walls

Lastra a Signa is located 15 km from Florence, its name was originally “Lastra a Gualandi”, which derives from the name of the noble Gualandi family. The name Lastra derives from the stone (slab) that was found in quarries near the city. The village has medieval origins, as a rest station on the road between Florence and Pisa, since the ...

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Impruneta: the town of the Florentine cotto

Impruneta is a beautiful town located at the beginning of the Chianti hills in the province of Florence, which is about 17 km away. Already in Etruscan times, the sixth century BC, where Impruneta is today there was a place of worship. AN IMPORTANT SANCTUARY But the history of the town itself dates back to the Middle Ages (11th century), ...

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Medici Villas: the villas of the lords of Florence

Villa di Cafaggiolo, Barberino del Mugello. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

The Medici Villas are among the most original architectural structures of the Italian Renaissance. These villas were built between the fifteenth and seventeenth century by the lords of Florence, the Medici. The Medici Villas represent a kind of new building for its time, which differed both from the typical farms from the stately castles. The Medici Villas are an example ...

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