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Napoleon on the Island of Elba: Portoferraio

If, on Elba, you are following in the footsteps of Napoleon Bonaparte, you absolutely cannot miss a visit to the Palazzina dei Mulini in Portoferraio, where Napoleon resided for almost ten months, between 1814 (on 4 May 1814 he landed on the island of Elba) and 1815 (on February 26, 1815 he left for France), in addition to this, it ...

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Suvereto: historic village overlooking the sea and the plain of the Cornia river

Suvereto, Livorno. Autore e Copyright Marco Ramerini

Suvereto is a delightful medieval village located between Piombino and Massa Marittima a short distance from the Tyrrhenian coast. From the top of the fortress, located 90 meters above sea level, it dominates the Tyrrhenian Sea and the plain below where the Cornia river flows. The village was a fief of the Aldobrandeschi and then belonged to the Principality of ...

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Elba Island: the most famous of the archipelago

Golfo de Procchio, Marciana, Elba, Livorno. Autor y Copyright Marco Ramerini

The island of Elba is the largest island in the Tuscan archipelago, it measures 225 km² in area and has approximately 31,000 inhabitants. The island of Elba, in size, is, after Sicily and Sardinia, the third Italian island, and alone represents over two thirds of the total area of the islands of the Tuscan archipelago. Administratively the island is part ...

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Capraia Island: a paradise for nature lovers

The island of Capraia is located about 64 km from Livorno, 42 km from the island of Elba, 37 km from the island of Gorgona and 31 km from Corsica. The island has 355 inhabitants (2007) and an area of 19.30 km ² its coastline is an extension of 27 km. Capraia is an island of volcanic origin and is ...

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Gorgona Island: an island in the Tuscan archipelago

Gorgona island is the northernmost of the islands of the Tuscany archipelago (43°25’37” lat. North) and also the smallest (2,25 km²), it rises 255 metres above the sea and is mostly mountainous and, for a large area, covered in Mediterranean maquis vegetation, it’s still place for a penal colony. Gorgona it’s about 37 km from Livorno, 39 km from Capraia ...

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The farmhouses in Tuscany: in contact with nature

The Agriturismo is a typically Italian hospitality system. Over the years, this tourist reception system has taken on an increasingly tourist and less and less agricultural dimension. By developing facilities that provide the customer with numerous comforts and services such as swimming pools, massages, saunas, riding stables, etc. Tuscany is the Italian region that has the largest number of farmhouses. ...

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The Spas of Tuscany: the region richest in spas

Tuscany, among the Italian regions, is without doubt the most rich in spas, just to mention some popular locations in the world as Montecatini Terme, Chianciano Terme, Saturnia. This region is in fact rich in deposits of thermal water that make it together with Emilia Romagna and Veneto, the most important Italian region for spas. Tuscany is a region that ...

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Islands of the Tuscan Archipelago

Tuscan Archipelago is a group of islands located between the Tuscan coast and Corsica, it consists of seven main islands and several smaller islets with a total area of 300 sq. km. The largest island of the archipelago is the island of Elba (225 sq km, 31.000 inhabitants), which alone accounts for more than two thirds of the total area ...

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