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Medici Villas: the villas of the lords of Florence

Villa di Cafaggiolo, Barberino del Mugello. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

The Medici Villas are among the most original architectural structures of the Italian Renaissance. These villas were built between the fifteenth and seventeenth century by the lords of Florence, the Medici. The Medici Villas represent a kind of new building for its time, which differed both from the typical farms from the stately castles. The Medici Villas are an example ...

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The Devil’s Bridge or the Magdalene’s Bridge in Borgo a Mozzano

The Devil’s Bridge (Ponte del Diavolo) or Magdalene’s Bridge (Ponte della Maddalena) is an impressive medieval structure that crosses the river Serchio a few hundred metres after passing Borgo a Mozzano coming from Lucca along the State Road 12 of Abetone and Brennero towards the Garfagnana. The bridge is walkable, best park in the parking lot that is present along ...

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Borgo a Mozzano: a village with a spectacular medieval bridge

Borgo a Mozzano is a town of just over 7,000 inhabitants placed at 97 meters above sea level along the river Serchio valley in the province of Lucca, which is about 21 km. Borgo a Mozzano was once an important service center for the surrounding area, at the end of the thirteenth century it became the seat of the Podestà and ...

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The farmhouses in Tuscany: a system of hospitality in contact with nature and culinary traditions

Agriturismo (staying on a farm) is a system of Italian hospitality that over the years has gradually assumed an increasingly tourist dimension and less agricultural dimension, developing structures that provide customer service and many amenities such as swimming pools, massage, sauna, horseback riding etc.. Tuscany is the italian region that has the largest number of Agriturismi (farmhouses). The first Agriturismi ...

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The spas of Tuscany: the richest region of spas of Italy

Tuscany, among the Italian regions, is without doubt the most rich in spas, just to mention some popular locations in the world as Montecatini Terme, Chianciano Terme, Saturnia. Tuscany is in fact rich in deposits of thermal water that make it together with Emilia Romagna and Veneto, the most important Italian region for spas. Tuscany is a region that boasts the highest ...

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Apuan Alps: the Marble Mountains

The Apuan Alps are probably the most beautiful mountains of Tuscany, located near the sea between Garfagnana and Lunigiana are universally famous for the marble that is extracted from its quarries since antiquity. The mountains are rugged and inaccessible and recall, for their rugged form, the Dolomites. The Apuan Alps are now a Regional Natural Park (Parco naturale regionale delle Alpi ...

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