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Tuscany countryside, the area surrounding Montaione

Eremo di San Vivaldo.

What do you really expect from a vacation in Tuscany? Are you ready to discover a charming territory, the authentic aspect of this land? So, let us guide you through the real Tuscany and explore the countryside between Montaione and Castelfalfi, the enticing area surrounding Villa Ciggiano and the Castelfalfi golf club, the best course in this region. Let’s start ...

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Val di Chiana: the granary of Etruria

Val di Chiana is a large flat area, crossed by the river Chiana, which is located southwest of the city of Arezzo. The river Chiana, an ancient tributary of the Tiber, was diverted by the Romans so that its waters flowing to the Arno, thus reducing the risk of flooding of the Tiber in Rome. The Val di Chiana in ...

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Casentino: forests, solitary retreats, nature and tranquility

Casentino is a valley crossed by the River Arno, here is the source of the most important river of Tuscany, set among the hills of Pratomagno and the Tosco-Romagnolo Apennine. The territory of Casentino covers approximately 800 square kilometers in the northern part of the province of Arezzo, it is bordered to the north by the Emilia-Romagna and to the west by the ...

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Crete Senesi: the desert of Tuscany

The Crete Senesi lies southeast of Siena, they extends from the immediate environs of the city along the valleys of the rivers Arbia, Ombrone and Asso, in the municipalities of Asciano, Buonconvento, Monteroni d’Arbia, Rapolano Terme and San Giovanni d’Asso. Crete senesi literally “Siennese clays”, are formed by clay soil, formed during the Pliocene (between 5.2 to 1.8 million years ...

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The Balze of Valdarno: the landscape that is the backdrop to the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci

A few km from the exit of Highway A1 Valdarno, between Florence and Arezzo you can admire an interesting erosive phenomenon known with the name of Balze (Cliffs). The Balze are one of the most beautiful and fascinating landscape of Valdarno. These strange natural formations can be seen in the municipalities of Terranova Bracciolini, Castelfranco di Sopra, Pian di Sco, ...

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Capraia Island: a paradise for nature lovers and walkers

The island of Capraia is located about 64 km from Livorno, 42 km from the island of Elba, 37 km from the island of Gorgona and 31 km from Corsica. The island has 355 inhabitants (2007) and an area of 19.30 km ² its coastline is an extension of 27 km. Capraia is an island of volcanic origin and is ...

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Gorgona Island: a rock rich in green of the Tuscan archipelago

Gorgona island is the northernmost of the islands of the Tuscany archipelago (43°25’37” lat. North) and also the smallest (2,25 km²), it rises 255 metres above the sea and is mostly mountainous and, for a large area, covered in Mediterranean maquis vegetation, it’s still place for a penal colony. Gorgona it’s about 37 km from Livorno, 39 km from Capraia ...

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Val d’Orcia: natural landscape masterfully shaped by man

In 2004, Val d’Orcia, was included by UNESCO as world heritage landscape area, with the following reasons: the Val d’Orcia is an exceptional example of how the landscape was redesigned in the Renaissance period to reflect the ideals of good governance and create an aesthetically pleasing pictures. The landscape of Val d’Orcia was celebrated by painters of the Sienese school, ...

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Apuan Alps: the Marble Mountains

The Apuan Alps are probably the most beautiful mountains of Tuscany, located near the sea between Garfagnana and Lunigiana are universally famous for the marble that is extracted from its quarries since antiquity. The mountains are rugged and inaccessible and recall, for their rugged form, the Dolomites. The Apuan Alps are now a Regional Natural Park (Parco naturale regionale delle Alpi ...

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Islands of the Tuscan Archipelago

The Tuscan Archipelago is a group of islands located between the Tuscan coast and Corsica, it consists of seven main islands and several smaller islets with a total area of 300 sq. km. The largest island of the archipelago is the island of Elba (225 sq km, 31.000 inhabitants), which alone accounts for more than two thirds of the total ...

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Itinerary in Sienese Chianti

For the Sienese side of Chianti we can start from Siena and from here with SR 222 reach Castellina in Chianti, otherwise continuing the itinerary of Florentine Chianti, from San Donato in Poggio, we reach Castellina in Chianti. Castellina in Chianti by heading towards Poggibonsi and taking the S.S. 429 state road, exceptionally panoramic in this stretch. A short detour brings ...

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Itinerary in Florentine Chianti

Our itinerary in Chianti begins from the city of Florence, the starting point is the exit of Florence-Impruneta (old Firenze-Certosa) of the autostrada del sole (A1). The first stop is the town of San Casciano in Val di Pesa, along the way we can make a detour of several kilometers to visit the famous Albergaccio of Niccolò Machiavelli, in the village ...

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Chianti: the heart of Tuscany, encounter between nature and works of man

Chianti, ie the territory which for centuries produced the wine Chianti Classico, is part of the Tuscan hill land situated between Florence and Siena, expertly shaped by man and rich of art, this area is a mosaic of history, nature and art unique in the world. This is a land of ancient traditions, civilized in ancient times, first by the ...

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Lunigiana: land of prehistoric stone statues, medieval castles and Romanesque churches

Lunigiana is an area of north-western Tuscany, embedded between Liguria and Emilia Romagna, and formed by the High and Middle Valley of the river Magra. Its name comes from the ancient city of Luni, a Roman colony that was of major importance for the area until the early Middle Ages. In prehistoric times in the Lunigiana has flourished the megalithic culture of Statues ...

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