The Chianti Sculpture Park: art and nature meet

The Chianti Sculpture Park is located in Pievasciata ca. 10 kilometres north of Siena and it is a permanent exhibition of contemporary installations and sculptures. It is a private initiative of Piero and Rosalba Giadrossi, both lovers of modern art. About 15 years ago they had the idea of an approximately 7-hectare virgin and already fenced wooded area, which was home ...

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Gaiole in Chianti: ancient market place of Chianti

Gaiole in Chianti (2,300 inhabitants) is a small village of Chianti, that is positioned along the course of the current Massellone, the village has developed from the thirteenth century as a market place, becoming one of the capitals of Terziere of the Lega del Chianti (League of Chianti), with Radda in Chianti and Castellina in Chianti. The League of Chianti ...

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Badia a Coltibuono: a former monastic complex

The vallombrosana abbey of San Lorenzo a Coltibuono was founded around year thousands, it lived its maximum moment of glory between the 11th and the 12th century: but already in the successive century it began the decline. Even if in 15th century it had an ulterior development under the patronage of Lorenzo de’Medici. The Abbey remained property of the vallombrosani ...

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Radda in Chianti: an agricultural center in Chianti

Radda in Chianti a medieval town of Etruscan origins – now the seat of the Consortium of Chianti Gallo Nero – is situated on a hill 530 meters above sea level between the valleys of Arbia and Pesa. The first documents that refer to Radda date back to the eleventh century AD. Since 13th century the castle was the domain of the Counts Guidi. ...

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Castelnuovo Berardenga: where Chianti ends

Castelnuovo Berardenga, is an interesting village of Chianti in the province of Siena. The municipality has about 8,900 inhabitants and  is located at the southern end of the Chianti hills at the point where begin the clay soils that form the Crete Senesi. Castelnuovo Berardenga is located on a hill about 350 meters high, between the Ombrone and the torrent Malena, the ...

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Etruscan tombs in Castellina in Chianti

In the area around the medieval village of Castellina in Chianti numerous testimonies of the Etruscan era have been found, including some Etruscan tombs. Among the Etruscan tombs found in Castellina in Chianti the most interesting is the Etruscan tumulus of Montecalvario. While the Etruscan necropolis of Poggino is another area where the remains of tombs of various shapes are ...

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Castellina in Chianti: a delightful medieval village

Situated on a hill, 578 meters above sea level, overlooking the river valleys of the Pesa, Arbia and Elsa, Castellina in Chianti is one of the most important villages of Chianti and a famous resort area. Castellina in Chianti, is an interesting medieval town of Etruscan origins, of this period are witness the many Etruscan tombs that are located nearby, ...

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Itinerary in the Sienese Chianti

For the part of the itinerary in the Sienese Chianti we can start from Siena and from here with the SR 222 reach Castellina in Chianti. Otherwise, continuing the itinerary of the itinerary of Florentine Chianti, from San Donato in Poggio, we reach Castellina in Chianti. CASTELLINA IN CHIANTI Castellina in Chianti is a splendid town situated in an equally splendid ...

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Chianti: the hilly heart of Tuscany

Il nostro itinerario nel Chianti Fiorentino. Strada tra San Donato e Castellina in Chianti in novembre, Barberino Val d'Elsa, Firenze. Autore e Copyright Marco Ramerini

Chianti, ie the territory which for centuries produced the wine Chianti Classico, is part of the Tuscan hill land situated between Florence and Siena, expertly shaped by man and rich of art, this area is a mosaic of history, nature and art unique in the world. This is a land of ancient traditions, civilized in ancient times, first by the ...

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