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Uzzano, Pistoia. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

Uzzano: an ancient castle village

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Uzzano is a characteristic village 3 km from Pescia in the province of Pistoia. To reach it from Pescia, take the road near the Church of San Francesco which climbs towards the hill on the left side of the Pescia river valley.

The foundation of Uzzano took place in medieval times when a castle was built by a noble family from Lucca. In 1108 the castle was the residence of Ermanno da Uzzano. In 1281 the village placed itself under the protection of the city of Lucca. From 1339 Uzzano became part of the Republic of Florence, then had a podestà and a healing to protect the fortress, which was reputed to be one of the strongest of the time.

In the following centuries the village underwent a long period of isolation which allowed the preservation of the current historical centre. The castle was demolished in 1832, of the ancient defensive system, prior to the fourteenth century, some sections of the walls are preserved.

Uzzano, Pistoia. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini,

Uzzano is located at 250 meters above sea level, the village, very characteristic with ancient stone-paved streets, has two interesting buildings: the Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo, which represents an important testimony of the architecture of the XIII century, and the Church of Ss. Jacopo and Martino whose construction begun in the XIII century was finished with the addition of the apse in the XVI century, the bell tower is also from the XIII century. Inside the church there are some paintings and frescoes, as well as a Romanesque stoup and a marble baptismal font. From the church you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of Pescia and the Val di Nievole.


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