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Ceiling of the Hall of Clement VII, Quarters of Pope Leo X, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

Quarters of Pope Leo X in Palazzo Vecchio


Hall of Leo X and the Hall of Clement VII

The Quarters of Pope Leo X are on the first floor of the Palazzo Vecchio, these rooms were modernized by Giorgio Vasari in 1555-62. The decorations of the same Vasari and Gino Lorenzi, are dedicated to the most illustrious personages of the Medici family and their businesses.

These rooms have been used in past years as reception rooms by the Mayor of Florence. But today they have been partially made open to tourists. Among these there is also the former representative office of the Mayor, that is, the Hall of Leo X and the Hall of Clement VII.


The Hall dedicated to Leo X is the main room of the quarter, realized from Vasari between 1555 and 1562. It has square plant and it still has the original pavement in white and red terracotta work of Santi di Michele Buglioni. The wooden ceiling to “lacunari” of the room, carved and golden, is work of Antonio di Rombolo detto il Crocino, Domenico del Tasso and of Mariotto di Francesco. While the gilded stuccos on the walls are the work of Leonardo Ricciarelli and Giovanni Boscoli.

Soffitto della Sala di Leone X, Palazzo Vecchio, Firenze. Italia. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

Ceiling of the Hall of Leo X, Quarters of Pope Leo X, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

The scenes depicted in the room represent salient episodes from the life of Leo X and are the work of Vasari who also made use of the collaboration of Giovanni Stradano. On the three main walls we find three mural paintings depicting: the Visit of Leo X to Florence, the conquest of San Leo, the Election from part of Leo X of numerous cardinals.


The Hall of Clement VII, built and decorated by Vasari between 1556 and 1562 is dedicated to the second pontiff of the Medici family. This room has a white and red terracotta floor with the symbols of Clement VII, and is decorated with the most important episodes of his life. At the center of the ceiling of the room is the scene depicting Clement VII crowning Charles V emperor at San Petronio in Bologna, the work of Vasari and Giovanni Stradano.

On the walls are the depictions of the events of the war of 1529-1530 between Florence and the imperial army. There are representations of the Tuscan cities of Pistoia, Lastra a Signa, Empoli and Volterra all works by Giovanni Stradano. Finally by the same author is the great representation of the siege of Florence, a beautiful bird’s eye view of the city.

Here is also the Chapel of Saints Cosmas and Damian with a ceiling decorated with a fresco of the Lord in glory.

The visit continues through the rooms at the second floor of the Quartieri Monumentali (Monumental Quarters), in particular we visit now the Quartiere degli Elementi (Apartments of the Elements).





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