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How to get to Florence by train

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The train is perhaps the most convenient method for a short holiday in Florence, the train arrives in the historic center of the city without having to worry about finding a parking, then you can safely move around Florence on foot or using the bus service of the town.

The city has three main railway stations: Firenze-Santa Maria Novella, Firenze-Campo di Marte, and Firenze-Rifredi. How to get to Florence by train.


Firenze-Santa Maria Novella (shortened Firenze-SMN) is the main station of Florence, with 160,000 visitors a day and 59,000,000 per year. Santa Maria Novella train station is the fourth station in Italy for passenger flow after Roma-Termini, Milano-Centrale and Torino-Porta Nuova and just before Bologna-Centrale. The station receives more than 400 trains a day from all over Italy.

Firenze-Santa Maria Novella is located in the center of the city, in Piazza della Stazione, in the immediate vicinity of the Church of Santa Maria Novella and a short distance from the most interesting tourist places of the town, the station square is the terminus of the urban and suburban public transport of the city of Florence.


The building of the station is considered a masterpiece of Italian rationalism, represented the first example in Italy of a station built on a modern function. This station was inaugurated on October 30 1935, it was built to a design of so-called Group Toscano led by Giovanni Michelucci and composed by Pier Niccolò Berardi, Nello Baroni, Italo Gamberini, Sarre Guarnieri, and Leonardo Lusanna.

The main station is formed by a large atrium covered by a glass and steel surface and a head gallery. The covering of external cladding materials and colors of the city, while inside are works of value such as sculptures by Italo Griselli and paintings by Ottone Rosai and Mario Romoli.

Firenze-Santa Maria Novella station is open with the following schedule: 04.15 -1.30.

Information Office

tel. 055.2352595

Time 7.00-21.00
Tickets   Time 6.00-22.00
Baggage Deposit tel. 055.2352190 Time 6.00-0.00
Call Center: Treni Italia tel. 892021  
How to get to Florence by train. . Stazione di Santa Maria Novella, Firenze, Italia. Author Coclea. No Copyright

How to get to Florence by train. . Florence Station of Santa Maria Novella, Florence, Italy. Author Coclea

Santa Maria Novella station is built on several levels: the underground floor is occupied by warehouses, commercial services and local plant. The ground floor, seat of the tracks, is occupied by business houses and restaurants, offices and FS services to passengers. The mezzanine is occupied by a restaurant, a bank and a pharmacy. Finally the upper floors are the places of various kinds of offices, warehouses and housing.


Luggage Deposit: Inside the station is also a luggage service. The fee for each bag is: 3.80 € (for the first 5 hours), € 0.60 per hour for 7 hours (from 6th to 12th); 0.20 € per hour from 13th hour.

Toilets: The toilets are located in various parts of the station and are open 6.00-24.00. Access to services has the equivalent of 0.70 €

Stazione di Santa Maria Novella, Firenze, Italia. Author Freepinguin. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike

Station of Santa Maria Novella, Florence, Italy. Author Freepinguin


Santa Maria Novella station is located in the center of the city, all around the station is the terminus of many urban bus company ATAF, in addition to the bus station SITA and LAZZI. The TramVia lines also have their terminus here.


Parking Station Santa Maria Novella: Under the Station is an underground parking (607 spaces). The parking and the train station are separated from the gallery of shops connected to the parking lot by an elevator, along with scales, and from the station a staircase and an escalator. This parking is open 24 hours a day.

Parking Station Santa Maria Novella: Piazza della Stazione 50123 Florence Telephone / Fax: 055.2302655

Hourly rate: 2.00 Euro first hour or part thereof; Euro 2.00 second hour or part thereof; 3.00 Euro third hour or part thereof. Subscription 5 days: 140.00 Euro.

Garages: There are several garages that are located around the station in Florence, they are generally cheaper of parking station.

Garage La Stazione – V. Alamanni, 3/a Tel: 055-284868

International Garage – Via Palazzuolo, 29/A – 50123 Firenze – Tel.Fax +39 055-282386


How to get to Florence by train. After the Santa Maria Novella train station the most important one is that of Campo di Marte, which is situated directly opposite the stadium and a few kilometers from the city center. Here stop virtually all regional trains direct to Arezzo and Rome or coming from there, some regional to/from Borgo San Lorenzo or Faenza and only some Intercity during the day but at night stop the Intercity Night, and the EuroNight and the Express. Do not stop the Eurostar. The station Campo di Marte is particularly useful for those who must travel to the Artemio Franchi stadium in Florence.

Campo di Marte station has a ticket office, waiting room inside, bar, kiosk, toilets, interchanges with urban and suburban buses.

Station Firenze-Campo di Marte Hours: 06.20 -21.00



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